Rebuilding the foodservice industry & mental health – One brick at a time.                                                                                                                                                                               
This novel initiative requires the support of the greater industry. Mental health affects many people within our community. R U OK?’s conversation model encourages us to move past the question and listen with an open mind if someone tells us they’re not OK. From there, as colleagues and friends, we can lend support when someone is struggling with life. AFAB will be supporting R U OK? with proceeds from the ‘One brick at a time’ initiative.


Our strategy is to sell 100 bricks, at $1000 (including GST) each to industry stakeholders, 25 of the bricks have a unique identifying number to recognise the heritage dating back to the convict times of the 1800’s. This investment is an investment into the future of the foodservice industry, AFAB have pledged 10% of the sales directly to R U OK? 

The Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body (AFAB) is dedicated, committed, and determined to rebuild our industry & mental health- one brick at a time. All we need is your support.  

Download the R U OK? Hospitality Manual