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Walk, Talk and Networking for AFAB Members

March 2022

AFAB will be hosting a Walk, Talk and networking session at the upcoming Foodservice Trade Show..

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National Seminar Series - Reducing Food Waste in Processing & Packaging

September, 2021

Gain insights into reducing food waste in processing and packaging. Learn from companies who have successfully reduced waste..

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AltProteins Conference Announced

16th February, 2022

AltProteins 21 will unite the agri-food industry leaders, retailers, innovators, investors and policymakers shaping Australia and New Zealand’s emerging proteins sector.....

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Webinar - Costing and Profitability Across the F&B Value Stream

14th September 2021

In this volatile environment we are trading in, understanding true costs across the entire value stream from cost-to-make....

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R U OK? Webinar for Foodservice and Hospitality Staff and Employees

24th August 2021

Learn how to share the the R U OK? message to look out for your colleagues ...

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R U OK? Webinar for Foodservice and Hospitality business Owners, Leaders and Employers

23rd August 2021

Learn how to empower your Hospitality staff to look out for each other and share the R U OK? ....

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AFAB  pledges its support into the research to reduce food waste

12th August 2021

Our CEO, Tony Green, is excited to announce our official involvement as a supporting participant in the Fighting Food Waste CRC program

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There is a Cost to a Lockdown - Northern Territory Numbers Released

29th June 2021

Northern Territory lockdown synopsis as follows...

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There is a Cost to a Lockdown - NSW Numbers Released

29th June 2021

NSW lockdown synopsis as follows....

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Rebuilding the foodservice industry & mental health - One brick at a time

24th June 2021

A novel initiative requires the support of the greater industry. Mental Health effects many people ..

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AFAB weighs in on the discussion on food waste 

22nd June 2021

The impact of food waste in hospitality is significant - from environmental, to economical, to social .

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Partnership Announcement

16th June 2021

AFAB welcomes R U OK? as an industry partner ...

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Tourism Training Australia - 350 Club

20th May 2021

Tony Green, CEO AFAB was humbled to be invited to introduce AFAB to the members of Tourism...

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2021 Future in foodservice

5th May 2021

Food Industry Foresight hosted the annual Summit and AFAB was fortunate to be a presenter and ...

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AFAB Launches

5th March 2021

The one and only, complete Foodservice voice from producers, manufactures, distributors, ...

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CEO Announcement

23rd March 2021

The Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body (AFAB) is thrilled to announce the appointment of ...
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Industry Round Tables

March 2021

AFAB has announced an industry first by conducting five advisory groups ...

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Drought-proof wagyu cattle herd in the Pilbara to drive $3 billion industry

3rd March 2021

A Pilbara pastoral station is so confident in its wagyu cattle operations, it has .                                

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Why upcycling could be the key to food waste reduction

2nd March 2021

Dr Caroline Potter examines the huge potential for upcycling within the food industry ...               

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Three ways business can fast-track recovery: Nev Power

2nd March 2021

The chairman of the government’s COVID-19 advisory commission, Nev Power ...                

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Good Food Month returns to Canberra

23rd February 2021

After a tumultuous 12 months for events, Good Food Month has confirmed it will be going ...

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TourismKeeper? HospoKeeper? Could some industries get their own 'Keeper' support?

8th February 2021

Calls for JobKeeper to be extended grow louder by the day, as we near the looming March 31 ...

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Business groups urge the ACCC to block Woolworths’ acquisition of PFD Food

2nd February 2021

Small business groups are urging the competition regulator to block Woolworths ...                

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