Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body is an integrated industry body for Australia’s $80 billion Foodservice sector that directly & indirectly employs 100's of thousands of Australians AFAB is the first complete collective of leading Foodservice industry people coming together to facilitate a platform for education, connectivity and leadership to embrace the changing face and capability of our industry. With voice from producers, manufacturers, distributors, operators & service providers this group’s reach spans the total Foodservice value/supply chain. 
Please welcome 
these senior Foodservice leaders to drive this agenda. 

Team and Key Roles

Sissel Rosengren

Co Founder | Chair

Sissel has more than 30 years of experience in industry research, data modelling and economic forecasting in Australasia.

Tony Green


With 30+yrs experience in Foodservice, starting as a Chef, then S & M manufacturing & distribution, Tony has strong cross-functional experience to lead our sector. 

Samantha Hewson

Deputy Chair

Sam Hewson has over 15 year's experience in FMCG across both Retail and Foodservice in National Sales Roles in Global Organisations.

Steve Ward

Co Founder

Steve is a Foodservice Executive Recruitment specialist with a passion for developing capability through attracting and retaining talent for the industry.

Laura Duffy


Laura's passion for the Food and Beverage industry kick started with a Degree in Hospitality and extends across a 16-year career. 

Mark Powell


An experienced and respected Senior Executive across the FMCG industry, joining Ingham's in 2016 as the Head of Sales for Foodservice & QSR.

Venessa Barnes


Venessa Barnes stepped out of the kitchen and into a new career as a sales leader, educator, speaker, industry advocate and skilled marketer specialising in food and hospitality.

Wes Lambert 


Wes has extensive experience advocating for hospitality, making a strong impact over his career as an outspoken campaigner for the industry. 

We thank our Founding Partners