Since April 2021, the Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body (AFAB) has been engaging with industry with one mission:

"To raise the agenda and unlock the potential of Australia's Foodservice sector."

AFAB brings together senior Foodservice leaders – representing producers, manufacturers, distributors, hospitality and service providers – to create a fully integrated supply chain industry body for Australia's Foodservice sector.

We believe the Australian Foodservice sector has been shattered by the COVID 19 pandemic and ignored by policy makers, demonstrating the need for a unified and comprehensive collective voice that spans the entire industry supply chain.

Through our round table discussions, we’ve identified 3 industry improving projects being resourced by AFAB members.

  1.  Commercial - Two main areas to help with Data, Trends & Insights. 1. Annual State of Play Report, 2. Establishing a Foodservice data standard to help with trackability, market share, allergens & NIPs
  2.  Attraction & Retention - Tools & strategies to attract staff then help develop/recognise them for better retention. Driving our Women in Foodservice initiative and partnering with R U OK? to develop an industry mental health roadmap. 
  3.  Sustainability - Key focus on food waste reduction through being signing signatories of the government funded Fighting Food Waste CRC & supporting Alternative proteins

That's why AFAB exists, to Connect, Advocate & Inspire, and help rebuild our essential and outstanding Foodservice industry.


"Connecting to unlock". Identifying opportunities, bringing foodservice capabilities together in new ways to innovate and unlock new value


"Advocating for the whole". Making policy makers and stakeholders aware of 'systemic' issues in Foodservice - their causes, points of intervention, and constructive solutions


"Inspiring cooperation for competitive advantage". Encourage and support best practice through the whole foodservice supply chain to integrate stakeholders and boost efficiency.

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