Membership Benefits

As the peak Foodservice industry body representing producers, manufactures, distributors, operators & service providers, we believe membership benefits are significant and include the following.

​​Round Table discussions

Board Advisory roles
​Access to "Best Practice" models
​Quarterly Industry Publications
​We advocate on your behalf
​Industry Affairs & Insights
​Engaging Events
​Participation in forums
​Leadership program involvement 

Our members contribute their insights and influence industry outcomes through working groups. There are committees that drive industry advocacy, forums that solve sector-specific issues, working groups that complete projects, and advisory groups that assess industry trends and inform our position on emerging issues. 

​If you want to contribute to the growth of your industry, enquire about becoming a member here, or join below.

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Shazia Taseer, Kate Hazelwood, Garry Stokes, Adam King, Andrew Ballard, Brett Harris, David White, Ron Gounder, Sam Laycock, John Hayes, Amit Sharma, Annette Heffernan, Alison Moore & Jess O'Connor