The Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body (AFAB) is an association created to raise the agenda and unlock the potential of Australia’s Foodservice sector.

This Charter outlines a shared vision:
      • Help create an environment that increases the productivity and profitability of Australia’s Foodservice sector which will deliver jobs, growth and improve industry people’s livelihoods.
      • Establish a set of guiding principles for AFAB Members to aspire to, and a statement of commitment
        for AFAB Members to abide by.


1. be treated with respect in all dealings with AFAB;
2. be kept informed of industry news and information relevant to your organisation;
3. be provided with opportunities and channels to have your say on issues of importance to your organisation;
4. be able to access AFAB's expertise, advice, support and services as appropriate;
5. nominate a representative to serve on committees established by the Directors and/or Advisory (or other) groups established by the Executive;
6. vote at general meetings of AFAB; and
7. access any other service or privilege of AFAB Membership as determined by the Directors/Executive.


As an AFAB Member, you have the responsibility to:
1. commit to and support AFAB’s Vision and Guiding Principles for our industry;
2. support AFAB through engagement, participation and contribution to AFAB activities and initiatives;
3. treat AFAB staff with respect in all engagements and circumstances;
4. advise AFAB in the event of regulatory sanctions and seek advice or assistance (if required);
5. play an active part in contributing to improving the reputation of foodservice in Australia; and
6. exercise your rights and uphold your responsibilities as per this Charter.
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