R U OK? Webinar for Foodservice and Hospitality Staff and Employees

Learn how to share the R U OK? message to look out for your colleagues and empower stronger connections within the foodservice and hospitality industry.

About this event

The workers within our sector face several challenges – from financial and emotional stressors to external pressures that can have a significant impact on mental health.

As our industry faces ongoing disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic and there's no easy fix,
R U OK? can offer practical tools and tips to empower the workers within our industry to look out for each other effectively and ask, 'Are you OK?'

Join hosts Katherine Newton, CEO of R U OK? and Tony Green, CEO of the Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body (AFAB), as well as special guests from across the industry to discuss the following:

  • How to have meaningful R U OK? conversations with workmates who may be doing it tough
  • How to stay connected with your workplace, particularly those impacted by ongoing COVID-19 restrictions
  • How to get involved as an R U OK? Champion at your workplace
  • R U OK? resources and e-learning available for hospitality workers

Register today to learn how you can get involved, share the R U OK? message and empower stronger connections during tough times.