We're thrilled to announce the launch of the 'Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body' or AFAB.

An integrated industry body and lobbyist group for Australia's Foodservice sector, AFAB brings together the next generation of senior Foodservice leaders representing producers, manufacturers, distributors, operators and service providers with a simple mission:

"To raise and advance the agenda, awareness, opportunity and significance of Australia's 'other' food industry"

In 2020 the Australian Foodservice sector was decimated by the COVID 19 pandemic and clearly showed a lack of voice with policy makers. Showing us the need for a unified and comprehensive collective spanning the total industry supply chain.

"AFAB exists to connect, educate, support, lobby, lead and rebuild our amazing Foodservice industry"


"Connecting to unlock". Identifying opportunities, bringing foodservice capabilities together in new ways to innovate and unlock new value


"Advocating for the whole". Making policy makers and stakeholders aware of 'systemic' issues in Foodservice - their causes, points of intervention, and constructive solutions


"Integrating for competitive advantage". Integrating functions across the Foodservice value chain to reduce frictional handoffs, and create economies of scale 

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