Rebuilding the foodservice industry & mental health – One brick at a time. 

Rebuilding the Australian foodservice industry and Mental health - One brick at a time.

With the world changing in the blink of an eye, Australian foodservice cannot afford to be left behind.

Australia is an $80 Billion foodservice industry, an industry which employs over 2Million Australians and serves 8 Billion meals per year. Australians are spending on average 37.2 cents in the food dollar on eating out of home, in 1960 this figure was only 12 cents.

We are sure that you will agree this is an industry which needs to be protected and given the support required to grow beyond the figures mentioned above.

Last year our industry was challenged, challenged in a way nobody could have foreseen, for many businesses they had no choice but to look at their operation and create new ways to generate revenue. We were introduced to a new word – pivot, pivot became the new annoying buzz word of 2020. Reluctantly we leaned into the word ‘pivot’, there was no other word which could suitably describe the way we had to keep altering our business model.  Multi-national business with a surplus budget, could generally afford to throw ideas into the flywheel, however mostly foodservice industry businesses were left broken, damaged, and confused.

It was during the time of COVID, when a group of senior industry leaders, connected, and discussed the possibility of creating a single voice to support and advocate on behalf of the entire foodservice industry. Today this group is the Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body (AFAB).

This group of entrepreneurial minds all shared the same vision – Connect - to unlock opportunities, Advocate - for the whole, and Integrate - for competitive advantage. AFAB was officially launched in March of 2021, an exciting prospect for the industry, and one which has been received well across all sectors. For AFAB to reach the strategic objectives and deliver on their promise, we are calling on the foodservice industry stakeholders to support and invest in the cause.

Rebuilding the foodservice industry & mental health – one brick at a time
This novel initiative requires the support of the greater industry. Mental health effects many people within our community, RUOK? Listen without judgement and provide much needed support to those in need. RUOK? is the perfect partner for AFAB to align with to deliver this initiative.
Our strategy is to sell 100 bricks, at $1000 each to industry stakeholders, 25 of the bricks have a unique identifying number to recognise the heritage dating back to the convict times of the 1800’s. This investment is an investment into the future of the foodservice industry, AFAB have pledged 10% of the sales directly to RUOK?
The Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body is dedicated, committed, and determined to rebuild our industry & mental health- one brick at a time. All we need is your support. 

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